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Our Story

Our mission at The Teal Collective is to provide Coastal Football student-athletes with unique marketing opportunities to expand their brands. In partnering with The Teal Collective, we are bringing fans and businesses closer to student-athletes than ever before.

The Teal Collective is not simply a broker for NIL deals. The Teal Collective also provides the tools and resources to allow student-athletes to succeed off the field. This includes connecting student-athletes with professionals in various industries to assist them with public relations, marketing, finance, tax, and community service. Created by passionate former Coastal Carolina University Alumni, The Teal Collective is the prime example of #TealBloodRunsDeep. We believe in lifting as we climb.

Coastal Carolina University alumni and fans have provided an outpouring of support and offered time and services to help grow The Teal Collective. We appreciate your support and welcome the opportunity to answer questions. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Meet The Team

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